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Specials & Set Meals  

Important Information for Online Orders 
Online orders are only available for delivery or collection during our online ordering hours. You can preorder your meal and it will be cooked and delivered at the earliest opportunity unless specified otherwise. You can view our online ordering hours here. NB: CLOSED MONDAYS (Excl Bank Holidays) 

Chefs' House Specials 

Thai Dishes 

Thai Dishes  
Red Curry 
Green Curry 
188.   Thai Red Curry King Prawn
189.   Thai Red Curry Chicken
190.   Thai Red Curry Beef
194.   Thai Green Curry King Prawn
195.   Thai Green Curry Chicken
196.   Thai Green Curry Beef

English Dishes 

Chicken Nuggets 
New- Crispy Scampi 
177.   Chicken Nuggets & Chips
179.   King Prawn Omelette & Chips
180.   Chicken Omelette & Chips
183.   Shrimp Omelette & Chips
184.   Mushroom Omelette & Chips
185.   Plain Omelette & Chips
186.   Crispy Scampi & Chips

Set Meals 

SetA1.   A1 For 1 Person
Prawn Crackers , Sweet & Sour Chicken Balls, Egg Fried Rice
SetB.   B for 2 Persons
Spring Roll (2), Chicken & Sweetcorn Soup (2), Sweet & Sour Chicken, Beef with Green Pepper in Black Bean Sauce (hot), Young Chow Fried Rice (Large)
SetC.   C for 3 Persons
Chicken & Sweetcorn Soup (3), Seaweed, Spring Rolls (3), Sweet & Sour Chicken, King Prawn with Ginger & Spring Onion, Beef with Cashew Nuts, Young Chow Fried Rice
SetD.   D for 4 Persons
1/2 Aromatic Crispy Duck, Sweet & Sour Chicken, Duck in Hong Kong Style, Thai Style Chilli King Prawn (hot), Beef with Green Pepper in Black Bean Sauce (hot), Young Chow Fried Rice (Large x 2)
SetE.   E for 4 Persons or More
Deep Fried Mixed Appetiser (Spring Roll (4), Spare Rib (4), Sesame Prawn Toast (4), Satay Chicken on Skewer (4)), Roast Duck Hong Kong Style, Sweet & Sour Chicken, Crispy Shredded Beef (hot), King Prawn with Green Pepper in Black Bean Sauce (hot), Young Chow Fried Rice (Large x2)

Kids Menu 

A Choice of Rice or Chips For meals 216, 217, 218, 219, 220 and 221 you may add one (1) of either KOptions1, KOptions2 or KOptions3 to your order for free for each of the specified meals. If you add more KOptions to your basket than you have of the specified meals then you will not receive any past the number you qualify for. 
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